Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Last Day of 2013

 Beverley's Christmas Angel 2013
I went looking for angel wings to attach on my tomato wires
I had visualized how I could make one
then I found this angel on a display
she was so pretty only she came in a box

 Opening the large box I found she came with two pieces for the body
 then came the wings, arms, head, halo, with steel pins, plastic ties
with strange instructions I discovered the one in English only to
realize they were written by someone who spoke another

I put her together in the formal entry
which was next to the front door
It was bitter cold or I would have moved to the front porch
the instructions did not tell you that you needed to be a contortionists

The angel was over 5 feet tall, she came with a mind of her own
when you would try to attached the torso to the waist, she would flop
one why or the other
it was exhausting, nerve racking, my hands hurt

I am not a quitter, I am tough, I can visualize what I am creating
I wanted my angel to look like an angel
I was so excited when she was completed
 it took framing wire, cutters, goodies like white pipe cleaners

When I went to take her down to pack her away until next Christmas
then I saw I had chained her to the railing of the porch
it was 5:00 pm and the air was briskly blowing cold air
I did not remember how I chained her to the railing

I will start 2014 dismantling My Angel 

written  Beverley H. Hanes
December 31, 2013
picture from bhanespics

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