Saturday, February 16, 2013


on a cool
October day
a strange glow
flood the room
turning the studio
a golden hue

A true story about the
building in the corner
of the picture
that was the 1st art studio
downtown Stillwater
It was a beautiful studio with french windows from top of the roof to the floor
the windows faced the north, sometimes catching the morning east light.   I shared the studio
with Maggie Glass, what a team and what a period of time.

One Sunday morning going to the studio to paint, what a surprise I found.
Turning the key to the downstairs door, discovering there were no stairs.   I climb the wall where crosswise boards braced the building to the top floor.   Only to discover I need to come down to use the telephone.  In the 60's we had no cell phone and we never thought anything about going to find a pay phone.  Southwestern bell was very close by and the news stand was across the street. 

What I discovered when I came down was the bank was building a new bank next door and my beautiful french windows had to come down.  They would be torn out on Monday.  That did not leave us much time to find a reasonable place for a downtown studio with north light.   Lucky I found one in the Hoke building.

My story is just a brief part of my color life as an artist in downtown Stillwater.  We move out that Sunday.  Oh what fun.  We went out the windows across the roof, lowering the furniture, the easels, paintings and all the treasures all
artist have.  If you are wondering who we were:  There was Darrell, his buddies from the Electronic Lab, Maggie, Payton, and me.

I  hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know.   I will be watching for new followers.  Bev

written by Beverley H. Hanes 2-16-2013 The Photograph was taken out my east window of my painting studio.   TownCenter, 116 West 7th, Suite 335, ARTBIN/FRAMEWORKS   Hours are strange now most of the days I am there Tuesday -Friday 1pm to around 6pm 

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