Thursday, December 9, 2010

A gift from Beverley

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas season. One that
includes family, friends, and Christ. I hope you find the
excitement of shopping, baking. and the ribbon entwined
around you. Now stop to reflect upon a memory of the past
as you reach out to find the spirit of Christmas.
Let the peace of this cold and crisp air pull you into
its arms and give you the joy of the season. December 2010.

Summer Flowers

A watercolor (acrylic) Tonight I am sending you a beautiful smile with a breath of
sunshine from a sunny day, because it is so cold outside. A true November
winter day. I hope you enjoy my blog and would you please leave a comment.

Today I thought of a saying about a warm fuzzy and I thought how
excited I felt when I found they were selling See's Chocolate right here
in Stillwater, OK I love that candy! I hope you find your warm fuzzy
somewhere, Enjoy. beverley, Beverley H. Hanes

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Search

You search your mind each day. The search keep us a live. It excites and puts us in motion we feel awe at what this brain search can bring to and through our mind. It brings peace for a little while as we progress with this search. So I wish you the beauty of using your mind on your search tomorrow. Remember it is life beverley, Beverley H. Hanes
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Hug

This is the season where we are rushing in and out of stores and places we normally are not in through out the year and there they are.  A friend who we haven't seen or thought of for a long, long time.  What a wonderful feeling when they call your name and give you a warm hug.  A hug is a special way of sharing and caring about others in your life so make a point to give out a lot of HUGS this season as you make your rounds in this cold December.  I hope to see you soon.
Sending YOU a special warm and loving hug,   beverley,  Beverley H. Hanes