Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hose in Europe are called Tights

All I can say is I did not get to
wear my new Christmas gift
to myself this year
I told myself my leg swelling would be gone

The gift to myself was
a black cashmere dress from
love that store even if I only can shop on line

When I was in Europe I bought the above hoses
while I was in Paris than in Stuttgart, Germany
They worked for me they kept the swelling down
so I could walk and climb all the stairs they have in Europe
love that area of the world

Now to tell you why I had this trouble
I followed the doctors orders to take this medicine
It nearly was the death of me
It left me with the largest legs and sever pain

Then there was surgery on both legs to reroute the blood to the artery
 I am still fighting
going strong for you see I am a winner

More tomorrow 

written and posted by Beverley H. Hanes

Interested in the hose contact me or order on line  
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Monday, March 11, 2013


one more hour
we had today
it did not make our day

 most of us
  sit the clocks
  inter clock

written by  beverley h hanes
march 10 2013
photo   bhanesart
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